Innovation and Technology


When driving a car, riding a motorcycle or a bike, clear vision is essential in any moment. Rolisse’s glasses allow to keep optimal vision quality throughout your whole drive or ride. They will adapt within less than a second to any change of light you are in. When driving through a tunnel, for example, lenses become immediately transparent when entering the dark and will be tinted within less than a second when in bright light again. The adaption of the tint of the sunglasses is completely automatic and does not use any battery. Also, the glasses are available with additional security options such as ultra-resistant or night driving.


Glasses with variable tinted lenses have been known for decades. Rolisse® technology is unique due to its immediate reaction time, and the fact that it doesn’t require batteries or complex systems to work. The product’s intelligence lies in the performance of its components and the patented innovation used. This innovation appears on sturdy, comfortable glasses, but can also be fitted onto motorcycle helmets equipped with the Pinlock system.


Das Unternehmen kann auf über zehn Jahre Erfahrung in der Kommunikationstechnologie für Ski-, Motorrad- und Fahrradhelme zurückblicken und liefert maximale Geräuschqualität, Komfort und Ergonomie. Alle Produkte entsprechen den internationalen Sicherheitsstandards. Im Rahmen seiner Forschungen im Bereich Elektronik und Optik entwickelte Rolisse eine Innovation: Die neue Generation des Augenschutzes, die Sicherheit und Komfort verspricht.