A New Experience in Vision

Patented Lens-Technology

With the solutions from ROLISSE®, we are further advancing the world of optics and shaping technological progress. With our passion for excellence, we create customer value and inspire the world to see things new.

Ophthalmic Optics

As a manufacturer of precision optics, we combine technical expertise and innovative ideas for extraordinary experiences.

Medical Technology

Complete solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, implants and consumables.

Semiconductor Technology

Based on its broad technology portfolio, ROLISSE offers unique solutions for the semiconductor industry.


The New Generation of Photochromic Lens

Glasses with variable tinted lenses have been known for decades. Rolisse® technology is unique due to its immediate reaction time, and the fact that it doesn’t require batteries or complex systems to work. The product’s intelligence lies in the performance of its components and the patented innovation used. This innovation appears on sturdy, comfortable glasses, but can also be fitted onto motorcycle helmets equipped with the Pinlock system. The product is currently available in a sports frame model. The frame includes the sensor on the nose bridge and comes with non-prescription lenses. A solution for prescription lenses is also available on request.


ROLISSE® Patented Technology

We develop battery-less, electronic, photochromic lenses with integrated microchips. The system reacts to light intensity rather than UV, which means that it can be tinted or used behind a car windscreen. The intensity of the tint depends on the intensity of the light. Advantages of the product are that the system is 100% waterproof, needs no energy other than light (no batteries required), and has UV400 protection.


Equipped with Active Lens Microchips

The lenses are equipped with a polarized filter. Depending on usage, the intensity of the tint can be programmed during the manufacturing process. For example, during a trip in the mountains, the tint intensity can go up to category 4 and light can be limited by up to 97%. When the weather is clear, light transmissibility is limited to 47% with the polarized filter.